• No Calories. No Sodium. Still Amazing.

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No Calories. No Sodium. Still Amazing.

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Meet The Ramen Blanket

Who Are We?

Three friends with one commonality, a love for ramen. While the three of us were home one night watching a movie, we got together with blankets and ramen to enjoy the evening. Then we had a random thought, "what if we made a ramen blanket?". 14 months of design later, and here we are! The world's most comfortable plush blanket, ramen style!

What People Say About Us

I bought this for my girlfriend (we both love ramen), she absolutely loved it. The quality of the blanket is shockingly top notch and the blanket is insanely comfortable.

Henry Shin

What People Say About Us

This is truly a premium blanket that feels super high quality. It looks great on my couch and always gets a good laugh from friends and family.

Brittany Wu

2020's Social Distancing Product of the year

Ramen lovers around the world have brought this blanket to their home to add personality in a time where we're all stuck inside. What's better than eating ramen, while wrapping yourself in ramen? Nothing.