The Ramen Blanket

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It's simple, it's soft, it's fun, and best of all, it's stunning. Choose from 4 pillow styles which store your blanket, just like a ramen package!

Four Delicious Designs to Choose From

Reasons people love The Ramen Blanket:

- These blankets are ultra-soft and warm, on top of being totally awesome

- Designs that resemble some of the most well-known, popular ramens in the world

- We have had these custom manufactured, and are the original creator of the Ramen Blanket, knock-offs simply won't be as soft or plush

- Truly the best gift for the person who "wants nothing"

- Each blanket includes a pillow of your choice!



It's soft and large enough to keep you warm...

It looks super real... maybe too real...

It's so comfy...

It's a blanket AND pillow, all in one!


Each Ramen Blanket Includes:

- 1 Ramen Noodle Blanket

- 1 "Ramen Package" Pillow that holds the blanket

The Variety 4 Pack Includes:

- 4 Ramen Noodle Blankets

- 4 "Ramen Package" Pillows that hold the blankets (one of each design)



Pillow 45 x 33 CM 

Blanket 163 x 95 CM

Material: Ultra Soft Polypropylene Cotton